Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Striking through an object.

A MTC fan on facebook asked how to create an image similar to this one.

Here is how you do it.

Bring your letter on to your MTC virtual mat.
From basic shapes select a rectangle, then duplicate it.
 Make your rectangles the size of the two lines that you want to separate your letter, with spacing in between. Join your two rectangles together.
Now, duplicate them.
Next place your first set of rectangles over your letter where you would like for them to intersect.
Click shift and then click on the letter and the joined rectangles.
 From "shape magic" select "boolean join." You will get different options. Choose the one that gives the effect that you want.
Now perform the "split" function and remove the part of the letter that you no longer want.
Take the duplicated rectangles and place them in your letter, then weld together.
 Put the last name in the open space, put the "established by" below and join together.

The name of the fancy font is Aldus Regal.  You can find it by doing a search on the internet.


  1. CeCe, what font was used for the big fancy K in the first picture? TIA (Nelda from MTC forum)

  2. I'm new with MTC, but I'm gonna try this over the weekend.

  3. I would like to know what font the K is. It is perfect. Thnaks for the tutorial.

  4. CeCe, I tried this over the weekend and it turned out great!!! Thanks so much for sharing the technique and idea.


  5. CeCe, I spoke too soon, I have the image looking nice. But i tried cutting the image with contact paper first to test before going to vinyl and it wasn't a pretty sight. I used pressure 3, blade depth3, and speed medium. Any suggestions? Is it because the design is just to intricate or too small I have it at 4" wide for a tile, maybe it needs to be bigger? Thanks